• ExtZy is a game for amusement and education only.  No representation or contract is made for any other purpose, including financial transaction, promotion, or investment;
  • ExtZy is a test product and technology.  No warranty of service is made, nor can accessibility, up-time, or functionality be guaranteed;
  • Players who have not logged in and traded for 6 months or more may have their accounts removed.
  • Dividends will be paid at a rate, formula and frequency to be set exclusively by Z/Yen. For more information on dividend payment see ExtZy Help - Dividends;
  • ExtZy is open for play by anyone.  Prizes are only eligible for players in the United Kingdom;
  • Z/Yen reserves the right to change the type and/or value of prizes at any time, or to substitute prizes (or vouchers) of approximately equal value at its discretion;
  • ExtZy is not responsible for the content, stability, or functions of any listed web-sites (Entities);

Please see "Game Rules" and the "One Minute Guide to ExtZy" for more information on how to play.