Once you've found an Entity (web-site) that you think will grow in value, you can buy shares in it if they are available. Clicking "Buy Shares Now" will take you to the purchase screen with two options.


Buying Direct from Issued Shares

The first way is to buy issued shares that were released when the stock was listed on the ExtZy market.

 Buy Direct Image

 In the Entity summary, you will have the option to buy a number of shares ("N") for the issuing price.  Most Entities allow you to purchase a portion of the available shares ("Partial"), though some Offers will be for the entire lot of stocks and won't allow a partial purchase.  Click "Buy" to make a purchase.

Buy Amount Confirm Image

 Extzy will provide a summary page of the transaction, and ask you for the number of shares you'd like to purchase.  Enter the number and confirm the purchase by clicking "Buy".  The total price (number of shares * price of share) will be deducted from your account, and the shares added to your porfolio.



Make an Offer to Buy Shares

The second way is to place an offer to buy shares at a lower price that other players may consider.

 Buy Offer Image

If you are interested in the Entity, but the issuing price of shares is higher than you feel the Entity is worth, you can place an offer to buy shares from another player at a lower price.  Choose whether you want you offer to be for then entire number of shares you want ("Partial" = "N") or leave it at the default value to allow purchase shares as they become available at your price.  Set the "Number to Buy" and your preferred "Price" and click "Make Buy Offers".


Your offer will be placed into the market for other players to consider, or ExtZy's automatic clearing function will make the transaction should anyone place an offer to sell at a matching amount.


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