Like any market, some stocks will be profitable, whilst others won't - the challenge lies in understanding what leads to profits on the ExtZy market, and finding web-sites most likely to consistently fit those characteristics.

Players make profits in two ways:

1) Dividends - Dividends on shares are paid weekly and allocated based upon popularity of all listed stocks as measured by unique hits on their web-page(s).  Dividends are paid out proportionally to all holders of eligible shares.

2) Sales of Shares - Players can also place offers to sell their shares on the market (hopefully for a higher price than they originally bought them for), and thereby make a profit.


Analyse Past Value

The ExtZy market page provides a number of tools for players to sort and consider options for maximum profit potential.

Market Capitalisation - The market cap represents the total listed value of the stock (web-site), a function of the number of shares issued multiplied by the current average price.

Entity Profit Image

P/E Ratio - The Price/Earnings (P/E) Ratio is a value representing how profitable an Entity has been for its shareholders.  Lower values are better - a P/E Ratio of 2 means that for every two points the share cost, it paid one point in dividends historically.

The combination of the two can provide an indication of the popularity of the stock on the market, and its past profitability for its shareholders.


Dividend Payments

To see your dividend payments to date, choose "Portfolio" from the main ExtZy horizontal header bar, and then "Dividend History":

Dividend Payments Image

 ExtZy will display your current total dividend pay out, as well as detailed information on the rate and source of your dividends to date.

Dividends by Week

Dividends by Entity


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