It's ElecZion Time!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it's time for Britain to exercise that democratic right which, back in the day, (women and working class) society fought so hard for. Never one to miss out on a trend, ExtZy has unleashed its ultimate weapon of mass diversion - the Political PartyZ leaderboard. Unfortunately it does not consist of all your favourite back-benchers in one room with mixers and loud music, but a cascade of shares in the most, ahem, respectable political bodies in the UK (and some in those less salubrious just for good measure!)

You can buy shares in the party or partyZ of your choice (unfortunately for the sycophants out there, we don't believe in "celebritiZing" the leaders even more by offering shares for Brown, Cameron, Clegg or Griffin). All closet bookie fans, rejoice! As you can also go mad betting.

Unfamiliar with how betting works? Don’t fret; it's very simple – as something can either happen or it can't. You only have two alternatives to predict. You just buy shares in the "event", say for example, "Bet On: No overall majority in the election", come 7th May, depending on how you predicted that event, the odds will decide your winnings. So go on, have a bash – maybe you'll win some (ExtZy) cash! Choose from a range of pre-fabricated BetZ, or start your own!

Drop us a line if you have any comments, queries or questions - we shall endeavour to give an answer that would make Politician's Question-Time proud.