CISI Exchange is a stock exchange game with a difference. Instead of buying and selling shares in companies, you buy shares in the web-pages of countriestop flight English football clubs, and up-and-coming popular music artists.

You can exchange prizes for the 'Zoints' you make through the dividends you earn as you play.

Not only will you compete against all other CISI Exchange players to be the number one ranked investor but you will also represent your school or college for the coveted spot of the number one ranked team.

At the end of the game period, an overall prize will be awarded to:

  • The player with the highest net worth (profit).

Your objectives:

1. To make a profit. This is true of any market and CISI Exchange is no different.

2. To learn about how markets work - the effect of popularity and perception on prices and the excitement of finding hidden value.

Getting started:

You'll start the game with a zero (0) balance, but a 'credit line' of 1000 'Zoints' to start investing.

1. Begin by finding interesting stocks (web-sites of countriestop flight English football clubs, and up-and-coming popular music artists) that you think will become more popular (What is happening in the news? Are there any new developments?) or those you have identified as wise investments through analysing their past performance.

2. Buy shares in those sites, and track their progress on the market.

3. Sell shares at higher prices to make a profit, and earn dividends (paid weekly) on those shares you keep.

4. Cash in dividends for real prizes once your balance makes a profit!

5. If you are unsure about which shares to buy, you can always consult one of the avatars for recommendations of what to buy or sell.

What Do I Do Next?

1. Log in regularly to purchase new shares in sites that you think will become popular.

2. Sell shares you own to other players who are offering more than what you bought them for, or make offers to sell at a profit. Research which sites have a favourable Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio and invest in those that provide high dividends.

See the game rules and terms and conditions for more information